Speaking of Alien Life ...
Written by David Peake   
Thursday, 17 August 2006
Blit Wizbok - Alien songIf there were going be little green men running around the universe, I particularly like Victor Navone's "Blit Wizbok."   Putting aside that he has Gloria Gaynor's voice ... I rather like thinking of aliens in a 70's style Disco.  At the risk of offending, it "humanizes" them.

I have oft thought that "Martians" have been too commonly portrayed as malevolent conquerors from the stars.  What if they have the same angst about things such as love as we do ... just on a cosmic level?  Wouldn't your feelings be hurt if everyone from your neighboring planet shun you as being from the wrong side of the galactic tracks?

Enter Blit Wizbok!  Now we have a glimpse into the very soul of these maligned beings (providing they have souls).  Thanks to Victor, who has captured a moment in the life of our now good friend (c'mon give the little green guy a chance) Blit Wizbok's life ... we now know, among other things, that Disco lives on in the universe!

Take a look for your self:  Alien Song.  Maybe we won't look down our noses anymore at those who didn't have the good fortune to be born on the third rock from the sun.

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